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Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if I’m in the house I grew up in or down in the southern states, I’ve been homesick ever since my mother died.

I need to move out. Desperately. Regardless of where I go, it just needs to not be around here.

Today is supposed to be one of those awesome, overly happy days. Instead, I couldn’t care less that I’m graduating. I feel more lost than ever.

And you’re not here.

My life consists of eating, going to work, going to class, and a wholeeeee lot of sleeping,

Gotta make that money.

I question things every day. Would you still have gone through all that chemo if you had known you would die so soon regardless?

When someone has a $120 tab with you…. but tips you the bare minimum.

YOU ARE A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING. I did not just spend my 6 hour shift waiting on you for a $15 tip.

I get to work tomorrow, thursday, saturday and sunday. I’m so excited to have a job again and to be able to save some money.

Fuck. Yeah.